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What is amorph?

amorph is a pure Java any-to-XML-to-any data transformation library.

Use amorph to read possibly ANY kind of data format for further processing:
  • Excel (xls)
  • csv
  • fixed length
  • xml
  • electronic bills
  • or custom formats
Amorph reads the data source by utilization of an applicable pre-processor (standardized and/or individual plugins) and produces a basic xml structure as a result in the first step.

After the basic xml structure has been produced, arbitrary XSL-Tranformation-Chains can be applied. If the resulting data format has to be transformed in a "special" format, the resulting XML document can be processed by a Postprocessor-plugin (standard/individual).
Amorph also supports reading data from (and or writing to) many kinds of sources by utilization of so called DataGetters and DataPutters.

As the design is strictly Interface-based, individual components (ie preprocessors), transformations and postprocessors can be "plugged" into the amorph engine individually. The main goal of amorph is to reduce data transformation efforts and have a quick-and-easy-to-use 100% pure Java transformation library... have fun!

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